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2010 started off running for both Beth and I.  February we had a awesome tour through Florida and lower Georgia. The people were amazing! We can't wait to catch up with our new friends again in the future. We're both working on new CD projects and keeping up with heavy schedules.

Something that just came out of no where and we're both really humbled by is our nominations from KCCM. Beth has been nominated for an award in the "Best Pop Artist" category and I've been nominated in the "Best Artist" Category.  This is Beth's second nomination. In 2008 Beth won the award in the "Best Pop Artist" category. The KCCM Awards are based out of Kansas by a network called King Cat Christian Music. Being nominated for anything is aways a cool thing but more importantly I think that it reminds us that people are watching and seeing that God's doing great things in our music and our ministries.

Thank you all for supporting us in what God has called both of us to do!


It's About HIM!

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Chip night is my favorite night. I always try to see if we can line up chip night the same night we are at a group. I love too see people making that first decision. I love to see people coming forward within 30, 60, 90 days. I also love to see the 3 years, 10 years and 27 year people too. It brings joy to my heart! But, it also reminds me of where I was and where I am today. It keeps me focused on why Beth and I do what we do. It keeps things in perspective. It's also a time where God steps in and shows us all that he is still in control.

We just got off our Florida/Georgia tour and as I'm reflecting on this tour I see in so many ways how God stepped in and took control. From Beth's plane being canceled and the airline saying there was no way she would make the concert, to a mysterious plane showing up on the screen saying they could now get her there just in time. To sound issues being fixed at the last minute to running out of merchandise.

Reflecting on the many stories of first timers. How they shared with us how they could relate to our stories, our songs and some were glad that someone invited them for the first time. Reflecting also in the song we wrote that God inspired, to just being in awe that we get to do this.

We met leaders that are now lifetime friends! We're grateful for those new friends, for the support and for the prayers. Thank you all for believing, taking a risk in having us and making us feel like we are a part of your family. It makes what we do an incredible joy!

Blessings from the Road!


Beth's Thoughts! Sums It All Up!

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Remembering why it's worth it...


Thursday morning I left home for 10 days for the Road to Recovery Tour with Leah Martensen, leaving behind my husband and my 3-month-old baby for the first extended trip since my son was born. Oh my gosh, was that hard! I worried and fretted about it for weeks beforehand, wondering how I was gonna do being away from my sweet little baby boy for so long. I knew my husband would do great, and that my mom would be able to help out too, but I just didn't know how *I* would do with it. I wondered if maybe it was time to quit doing this and just stay home. But I prayed and prayed about it, and I just felt like the Lord was saying, "You still need to go and do this."

So I got on a plane, I flew to Detroit to meet up with Leah, then we drove to Missouri where we had our first gig last night at the recovery group at the Solid Rock Family Church in Jefferson City, MO. And as I stood on the stage and delivered our songs and delivered my testimony, and saw people moved to tears in places, and jumping to their feet with applause, and shouting "Hallelujah!" and "Amen!", and as I heard their stories afterward about how the Lord had touched them, I remembered why it's worth it. It's worth it to leave home, even when it hurts, to follow the path the Lord has for me, to answer the call, because my "light and momentary suffering" can make an eternal difference in someone else's life. So thank you, Solid Rock, for reminding me of that! And thank You, Lord, that You have a way of always proving my fears and worries unfounded--it all works out when I just trust in You.




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Summer tour is upon us and we're again looking forward to meeting you all. First stop is Missouri! From there we'll be sending some time in Kansas where we will be leading worship, taking part in a Sunday school and of course making visits to CR groups. Then it will be off to Missouri and up to Iowa. Hope the weather cools down again. I hear it's been really hot! If you are reading this and you happen to be able to see us in concert well...leave your mark. We'd love to hear from you.

Many Blessings!


To Messiah Ministries - R2R Interview

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Road To Recovery Tour: Leah Martensen Interview


Ann-Louise:  Leah, thanks so much for agreeing to this interview. I pray that those who read it will be blessed.

How about starting with a little history? How and when did the idea for Road To Recovery Tour come about?


LEAH:  Well,it was one of those moments where I could hear God speak. I knew hewanted me to start working with people in recovery and he wanted me tocall another artist Marianne Kesler to join this ministry. That's just not something you do. Most artists don't team up with other artists.It's just really hard to do that. I was sure she would think I was crazy - Hey, Marianne, God spoke to me about where my ministry should be and oh, he wants you to join me in it." Sure enough he had already started working on her. She was sitting at the computer going, What do you want me to be doing God? Please make it clear,? and that's how Road to Recovery tours began. After a year Marianne had some health issues and had to step down and then God sent Beth Champion Mason to replace her and we have been together as a team for a couple of years. Beth is the most talented female musician I know. She's a gifted writer and speaker.  She'sgot a heart for God that's consistent in her every day life. She's a great friend and partner. I've learned a lot from Beth over the last few years about ministry, music and writing.


Ann-Louise:  The bio page at Road To Recovery Tours website describes the ministry as, Two artists with two separate ministries coming together for one powerful truth: God Can Take Your Mess and Turn It into Your Message. Can you tell us a little more about that powerful truth?


LEAH:  The powerful truth is we all have a path and we all fall. You can hide that but it doesn't make it go away. It's still in your head. That doesn't make your life easier. You can't live in shame - it will eat you alive.God forgives, but people don't always and that's including ourselves.We have to hand over our failures to God and let him clean up our lives to move forward. Then we can use that ugliness to reach people that are completely clueless as to what they need to do to have joy in their lives. They need us to use our mess so they can hear our message - the message that God is our joy, he's our hope and he can make us clean and has a job for us to do. We're all called to reach people. What better way to do that by using our own lives and showing people we've been right where they have been, but God can take you through whatever it is and bring  joy in your life.


Ann-Louise:  Once everything is set up and the sound system has been checked, what do you and Beth do to prepare for a concert?


LEAH:  We do most of our preparation before we even get to the concert. When we're all done setting up, we try to gather up people to pray for who's coming, who might be thinking of not coming but should be there. We also pray for sound to work and to keep hearts open to what's going to be said.


Ann-Louise:  I'm considering attending a Road To Recovery Tour concert this summer. What can I expect?


LEAH:  You can expect a room full of people that have failed and are working through that failure. You'll find people that have their arms open to you and are ready to help bring you closer to understanding who God is and will show you the way to being on the other side of joy and leaving that pain behind so you can begin to move forward. You'll find a bunch of loving people!

When Beth and I are in concert we share our music and stories along with a time of praise and worship music. It's usual about an hour concert.


Ann-Louise:  You meet a lot of different people from different church backgrounds,struggling with different things. Is there a common issue you often see among today's Christians?


LEAH:  I'd say the most common thing is lack of self esteem. We'll do all kinds of stupid things just to get a moment of acceptance. How we see ourselves can go way back to something someone said or did to us as kids and we still hold on to that stuff. Most everything we do that leads to sin is about how we see ourselves or how we can escape from pain we have in our lives. If we had joy in our lives, we wouldn't be looking for vicesto fill the emptiness we have.


Ann-Louise:  I read in one of your blogs that you and Beth sometimes write songs while travelling. Are there any plans for a Beth and Leah album in the near future?


LEAH:  That's the million dollar question! We'd love to but haven't figured out how to make that happen. We both have separate ministry and projects and to add another project together has to be done just the right way and that hasn't been made clear to us how to do it. We've been praying, and talking about it. We do have several songs we've written together and a song or two we do in concert together. We get people asking us all the time if there is a CD out of the two of us. Hopefully there will be.


Ann-Louise:  Last year, Road To Recovery Tour visited close to 50 churches and groups in 22 states sharing the message of hope for the hurting. That?s quite a full schedule. You and Beth also have individual music ministries. Beth recently adopted a baby and you have taken a new position with Incubator. Will these things have an effect on the amount of touring you?ll be able to dotogether?


LEAH:  Possible!The way we do things may change. We are talking about doing smaller tours and cutting back on the longer ones. There's no talk of stopping the Road To Recovery Tours,  just changing some things around so it's not as hard on the family for this season in our lives



Ann-Louise:  As you have often said, Leah, there are a lot of hurting people out there.It is very likely that someone reading this interview will be in need in one way or another. What?s the most important thing you would like them to know?


LEAH:  God uses imperfect people! If you haven't come to know who God is and what he has done by bringing his Son down here to earth to die for our sins,now is the time to find out his truth. He takes imperfect people and can wash all their past clean. He's ready to forgive.  All you have to do is ask and he's ready to take your life and turn it over so you cannot only have the joy you are missing, but can begin using your pain or failure to reach others just like you. I'm a example of imperfection and he's using me. I know he can use you too.


Ann-Louise:  If people would like to pray for Road To Recovery Tour, what can they pray about specifically?


LEAH:  Well,the direction for a new CD and how that may happen would be a great starting place. For safety when we are on the road. For God's leading all the time. For the people we meet along the way.


Ann-Louise:  Is there anything else you?d like to share with us about Road To Recovery Tour?


LEAH:  I don't think so. Thank you, Ann-Louise,  for giving us a time where we could tell people of what the Road To Recovery does. Many blessings to you and the ministry God has put before you!


Ann-Louise:  Thanks for again for kindly agreeing to talk with us about Road To Recovery Tour,Leah. It has been a blessing to hear how God is using you and Beth inthis much needed ministry. May the Lord continue to bless you both and Road To Recovery Tour as you continue to share the hope and victory we have in Christ.




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Winter Tour - 2009

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This tour through North and South Carolina along with Tennessee was called the "Winter Tour" but it sure did feel more like Spring. I didn't put my coat on the whole time. I really enjoyed that!

Thank you all that had us! It was such a joy to meet you all, hear your stories and listen to how God brought you all through. We had some amazing moments of sharing and singing. 

Many of you said you wanted us back for 2010 and some of you couldn't have us this year but came to another groups event and want us next year. If you stop by here and read this please contact me. We had several groups interested in March of next year and we were going to head to Florida but because there was so many groups interested in North and South Carolina we'll looking at coming back around March 2010. 

For those of you who took pictures! Don't forget to send them to us!  We'll put them up.

You all were so gracious and loving! Thank you so much for welcoming Beth and I to your state. We now know where Southern hospitality came from!  It was such a joy to be in the South!

Many Blessings to you all!


Young Memorial Baptist

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Well, I thought I'd be able to keep up with this better but I've been so tired that I just can think right at midnight.

We had a great time at Brushycreek last night and heard a lot of great things that are happening there. Works of God and lots of healing hearts. Thanks so much for sharing your stories with us.


Tonight we head to Young Memorial Baptist in North Carolina. We'll be heading out in a hour or two. We're looking forward to tonight. Praying that God continues keeping his hands over our program and touching lives.

Brevard Community Church

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WOW! What a great night we had at Brevard Community Church. It was an awesome start to our tour. We heard so many stories from people just starting to get their lives back, stories of others who have been in recovery for years and stories of thankfulness of God redemption.


Thank you Brevard for opening your group up to us and for being so welcoming. You guys made us feel right at home. Also....thanks for rescuing the bird! Beth wouldn't have slept if you hadn't.




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11 more day I(Leah) starts heading to Virginia to pick up Beth for our next winter tour. Can't wait to get started! Both Beth and I love touring and meeting people along the way. Everyday is different and we love seeing God show up every new morning as we prepare to serve him.


March 19th is our first concert of this tour. Brevard Community in North Carolina. Looks like this tour will be spent in the Carolinas for the most part. One day in Tennessee and one in Georgia possibly.


If you are reading this blog we'd love for you to join in with this tour and pray for us. Prayer is something you can never get enough of. Here is a short list of prayer request

  • Travel safety - it can get wild out there from time to time
  • For people we haven't yet met, but God will bring our way
  • Our overall safety along the way
  • That we will stay healthy
  • That we'll get the sleep we'll need
  • That nothing gets in the way of what God has called us to do
  • For all the groups/churches and events we'll be heading to

We can't tell you how much it means to us that people everywhere are praying for us. There is so much peace in knowing that and we feel those prayers around us.


Many Blessings to you all!



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Thank you Iowa, thank you Minnesota and thank you Wisconsin! I know that I keep saying this but WOW! What a great tour! I think that Beth and I both fell in love with the Midwest. Ok, so I'm an Iowa girl at heart but it was so great to be greeted with that great Midwestern hospitality. You all were so great to us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Looks like we'll be back.
I can't tell you how many people we were able to talk to before and after the concerts that trusted us with their own personal stories of hurts and struggles. We're humbled by what we heard. We don't ever take for granted the people put in our way. God's timing is always perfect. God opened up the right groups for us at the right time. We see that time and time again. Thank you leaders for trusting us with your groups, taking a step of faith and a risk in having us when you weren't sure about those two women coming through. We know that it was a big decision for you and you didn't make it lightly. Thank you, thank you and thank you again! You all were such a blessings to us and we look forward to seeing you all again because we know we will. We have God's word on that!
Blessings upon Blessings to you and your groups!