Road To Recovery Tour

Two artists with two separate ministries coming together for one powerful truth:


“God Can Take Your Mess and Turn It into Your Message.”


If you look around today, it doesn’t take much to see that things are changing in profound and disturbing ways.  People are struggling, and they're looking for answers. They’re confused about who to trust and what to believe. They’re taking medicines to relieve the pain in their hearts, running from their past, and trying to fill up their lives with stuff that is leaving them feeling emptier than ever. They’re lost, they're broken, they're ashamed… and they're sitting right in your church!


People used to think those sentences only described those people. You know the "unchurched," people who don't know Christ.  But today's Christians are struggling with some of the same issues!  We’re losing the hope, joy, and freedom that Christ came to bring. We’re hanging onto the baggage and pain in our lives, trying to hide it from our church family and hoping that no one will find out what's really going on in our homes and our hearts.


Beth Champion Mason and Leah Martensen understand this all too well, and they come together to bring a message of freedom and renewal in Christ, a message that today is a Good Day to start over, to give up all those things that are standing in the way and to move forward embracing what we claim to believe:  that God forgives, heals and restores! He’s waiting for us to let go so He can bring about the renewal we need. 


Beth and Leah know what it's like to struggle with the scars from a past they'd like to hide, and they share their stories with honesty and sensitivity.  As Leah describes what it's like to grow up in a family filled with addictions and dysfunctions, and Beth describes her own addiction battles as a young person, a common theme emerges:  We all have messes in our lives, but our God is in the business of taking our mess and turning it into our message!   Your congregation will be blessed and encouraged, then challenged to go out and step into their own calling of reaching others by sharing their own stories.   


Beth and Leah have a combined 25 years of experience in music ministry, and over the past year they've toured 22 states together, blending their stories and their voices.   Beth has sold over 3000 copies of her two CDs, All I Have and Postcards, and averages over 100 dates a year.  Her testimony and music have been featured on the international TV program The 700 Club, and she recently won "Best Pop Artist" in the 2008 King Cat Christian Music Awards.   Leah has toured throughout the US and internationally, her travels leading her to South Africa, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Israel and Taiwan. She has worked with artists like Larnell Harris, Twilia Paris, Sandi Patti, and the Gaithers, and Divine Magazine listed her as a "Mover and Shaker in Christian Music" for 2008.  She was also 1st place winner in the I.B.B.F. Vocal Competition.  Leah has released four CDs, including her latest, Still. 


Both Leah and Beth have received radio play on many stations throughout the US as well as numerous web-based radio programs.  They are also both members of Christian D.I.V.As, an internet organization that connects and helps Christian female artists.  ( )