Road To Recovery Tour

Music isn't just something I sing...

it's a passageway to God for me. I can't tell you how many times He's gotten me through a really difficult time and his word came through a song. I remember as a child being so fearful while my dad was driving sitting in the back of the car with my eye closed going over songs I'd learned in Sunday school. The songs gave me peace and reminded me that God was there to pull me through. I would sing in my head until we reached a safe place. I didn't know at the time why I was so fearful. As a child I could see the danger in my dad's driving - but didn't understand why. As I got older it became clearer that he had been drinking.

If God could use music to wash away my fears and draw me closer to him, I know He can do that today in the lives of others.

Substance abuse and emotional dysfunction is everywhere today. I used to believe I was the only person with a hidden secret about what was going on at home. Once I got into high school, I found other kids that had struggles. They may have all been different, but it left us all with the same empty feelings.

As an adult I may not have the same addictions or dysfunctions my family had but...

I had to work through my own scars of what was left behind. Learning to love and learning to be loved! Trusting people for what they say and believing they mean it. I came from a family that changed on a daily basis. One day they were nice, the next maybe not so nice. I found it hard to believe anything anyone told me. I took it all in as lies.

God is the same today and forever. He is the one person who will love unconditionally. I hope that through my songs people will understand that and draw closer to Him. I hope that if they have heard the Word before and walked away, that maybe something in the music will reach them. God has a purpose for all our lives!

Beth Champion Mason’s musical journey has been a long and winding one. Dreaming of being a professional musician since she was a child, Beth was sidetracked from her goals during her teen years, becoming ensnared in a life of alcohol and drugs. God miraculously opened Beth’s eyes and gave her a second chance. After graduating college, Beth felt the call of God to the music ministry. Accepting a music ministry position within her church, she started writing songs again and began sharing them with her church. A strong demand for recordings led her to record All I Have, in 2002. On the heels of her successful independent debut, singer/songwriter Beth Champion Mason recently released her sophomore effort Postcards, which is available nationwide through Infinity Music Distribution. Beth has now sold thousands of CDs, as well as gaining radio attention across the country with her single "Lavish Love." Averaging over 100 dates a year, Beth performs up and down the East Coast and beyond, including concerts, festival events, leading worship, coffeehouse concerts, and numerous other events.