Road To Recovery Tour

"We had Leah and Beth come and minister to our Celebrate Recovery group and also our Church family. This was an incredible, spirit filled time of worship and genuine sharing from the heart with uplifting songs of hope and healing. So many lives were touched and eternally changed. Beth and Leah have a heart to see hurting people healed and the lost reached for Christ. I truly believe God has his hand on this ministry and your group or church would be blessed to have them."

Roy Snipes
Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader
Temple Baptist Church
Moultrie, Georgia

Hi Leah, "Thank you for providing us with such an awesome evening. There were so many positive comments - everyone was so impressed with your music,talent, style and heartfelt testimonies." You are just amazing and I loved how you interacted with the attendees. You are really making a difference with your work in this troubled world.

Nancy Runhaar
Ministry Leader- Celebrate Recovery
First United Methodist Church
Boca Raton, FL

What I have heard from many in our group is that they loved the genuineness of Beth and Leah in sharing their story with our group. It was a very intimate gathering for our group. We all loved the quality of the music and the words to the songs had such a powerful message for many in our group. The other thing I noticed was in their testimonies there was a story those struggling with addiction could relate to and a message for those struggling with co-dependency could relate to. It was a great night for our group!

Thanks so much for sharing yourselves with our group. If you are back in the area we would absolutely love to do this again!

Steve Russ - Celebrate Recovery Leader
Nevada First Baptist Church
Nevada, MO

"I was graced with your and Leah's messages last night at Nevada First Baptist Church, Nevada, Missouri. It was a wonderful evening, I definately was not the only one moved by your beauty and grace. Thank you for sharing your mess/turned message! We are all sinners desperately in need of God's grace, yet undeserving of it. You are both awsome witnesses to what can happen when we step out of ourselves and begin to follow where God is leading us. Please don't stop sharing your message, there are so many that are desperately in need of it!"

Nevada Baptist Church
Nevada, MO

Our group would like you both to know how much everyone appreciated and enjoyed your performance on July 30th. We have had many people that attended the concert come up to us and just rave about how much they could relate to your testimonies and really liked your music.

I personally felt the presence of God that night and knew he was smiling down on all of us. The worship was just awesome!!

I know from experience it’s not easy to tell your testimony to a large group of people but you both showed such great professionalism and speak from the heart which makes it so very personal and touched everyone so deeply.

Thank you and we look forward to you coming again.

God Bless,
Roxanne and Bryan
Celebrate Recovery Leaders
Whiting, IA

I really appreciated the testimony and music that you shared with us this evening. The music that you do speaks directly to the heart. I really needed to hear it this evening.

Blessings to you both,
Nevada, MO

“We had Leah and Beth come to the Bruised Reed Ministries (treatment for women) here in Russellville, AR, to do a Road to Recovery Concert for us, and they were absolutely delightful. We praised God, we bonded with Leah and Beth, and we just think it was incredible. They came and they shared their story, which touched a lot of people, spoke to us in a very deep way, and then we worshiped God. We absolutely love them and would have them come back every week if we could! We would recommend that anybody who wants to do something special with your recovery program should invite Beth and Leah to come and share with you.”

Nelda Alexander
Bruised Reed Ministries Director

Our congregation was blessed to have Beth and Leah lead our worship service at Collierville United Methodist Church in Collierville, TN. They are very talented and faithful instruments that God has called to share the Good News that in Christ we are healed, redeemed and called through our brokenness. We love them and highly recommend them! Their testimonies are moving and relative to the issues that many of our congregations are struggling with.

Reverend Glen Vaughn
Associate Pastor
Collierville United Methodist Church
Collierville, TN

For those who may be considering having the ladies come and present to their group I would give a resounding thumbs up. It was a blessing to have Beth and Leah share their story and how our God is bigger then all our troubles and how knowing that has brought them peace. Please have no doubt about their love for their Savior and how much they want to serve him with their lives. It was a great night of worship and the fellowship was sweet. Feel free to invite them in and let them share, you won’t regret it! Bob Cookson CR Leader
Immanuel Baptist Church
Kenosha, WI

"Beth & Leah are a couple of very talented musicians who are using their abilities for the Lord. Their testimonies are awesome, and speak to how God changes lives when we surrender to His perfect will for our lives! Our CR group certainly enjoyed their time of sharing & song."

Theresa Peter
CR Ministry Leader
First Baptist of Pawnee
Pawnee, OK

Again, thank you both for such a great evening of worship. The two of you poured your hearts out and God honored your efforts.

Our youth loved you, especially eating with you! It was like, WOW! Attached is my beautiful wife whom you did not get to meet because of her sickness. We will be praying for the both of you.

Let's do it again,

Pastor Bill Duvall
Baugh Chapel Church

Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us. We were so blessed. Your testimonies were a gift to us and your musical talents were so appreciated. You each shared from you heart and because of that, you both connected with so many of us here. Thank you so much for sharing how God has been faithful in your lives. Keep on touring with your message of faith, hope and healing. He is glorified and honored!

Prayers and Blessings,

LeeAnn Wall
Celebrate Recovery
Training Coach
Brighton Nazarene Church
Brighton, Michigan

February 26th was a very special night here at FUMC Tulsa. Leah and Beth showed up, many CR participants and members of our congregation showed up, but most importantly God showed up. We were thoroughly blessed by the openness and authenticity Leah and Beth showed, not only in there sharing, but in their incredible music as well. It was one of those special times when you just sense the overwhelming presence of our loving Heavenly Father. I was moved. We were all moved. I will look forward to having them back!

Gary Pond
CR Ministry Leader
FUMC Tulsa

Leah, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for you and Beth coming to Henderson Hills Baptist Church. It was great night of fellowship!!! Not only did you bring your amazing talent!!! But more importantly you brought the joy of what Christ has done in your life and that joy filled the room and was a blessing to experience. We hope to schedule again.

Bruce Bullock
Henderson Hills Baptist - OK
Celebrate Recovery

Wow! Our Friday night Celebrate Recovery group was truly blessed by Leah and Marianne. They wove their music and testimonies together in such a beautiful way. Praising and glorifying God for the healing and wholeness they have experienced in their lives as they live out Principle 8. It was a very uplifting and inspiring night. May God bless your ministry indeed!

Thank you so much
Celebrate Recovery
Karen Rogers

Leah and Marianne and the Road to Recovery Tour was a highlight of our Celebrate Recovery ministry so far! We had many comments on the quality and impact of their program. They did a fabulous job of weaving their stories in with their music to create a program that was professional and yet down-to-earth and easy for all to relate to. They do what they do with passion and with a mission that is evident to all. I highly recommend their ministry.

Paul Bishop
Celebrate Recovery
First Baptist Church of Lexington
South Carolina

The attendees of our CR received Leah and Marianne very well. They were engaged and encouraged from the music and testimony. The crowd that congregated at the resource table after the program was testimony of how much everyone benefited from their ministering to us.

Kara Moore
Celebrate Recovery
Southland Christian Church - KY

Leah and Marianne bring to their music a refreshing breeze of authenticity and credibility which makes for a powerful, life-transforming evening of worship and praise. Our group was blessed and enriched. And in the midst of the fun, music and laughter ---- struggling families were encouraged, wounded lives mended and God was glorified. We'll have them back!

Jackie Brookfield
Ministry Leader
Celebrate Recovery
Western Heights Baptist Church

As a leader in Celebrate Recovery, I sometimes get busy with all the things that need to be done. It was such a blessing to be able to sit back and be fed through the awesome testimonies and songs of Leah and Marianne. having them be a part of our program was truly refreshing and uplifting not only to myself, but to eveyone who attended! We were all richly blessed! Thanks Leah and Marianne!

Renee' Leclercq,Thursday Night Coordinator,
Flint Groves Baptist Church
North Carolina

"Leah and Marianne were a breath of fresh air to each of us. Several Celebrate Recovery ministries from different churches in the Athens, Georgia area got together to host a concert with them. The Lord used them mightily to challenge, encourage, inspire and heal. Their music is excellent and Biblically sound. Their testimonies are inspiring. Their lives for our Lord are REAL.

I recommend them highly without reservation. They will be a blessing to you, your church and your community."

Jon C. Ainbinder
Ministry Leader - Celebrate Recovery
Riverside Baptist Church
Colbert, Georgia


I am sorry I didn’t get to talk with you both last night after the concert. Something came over me after hearing you perform and you became “stars” and I got shy, I can’t even explain it, but I did want to tell you how AWESOME it was. The transparency with which you both shared your stories and your heart with the group was amazing, it allows such wonderful ministry to flow when we let the walls down. The genuine joy that comes from you two is an encouragement to those who haven’t “crossed over” into that place of healing. Thank you both so much for sharing, for allowing your lives to be used and for investing your talents. I heard so much praise afterward and to be honest, it was just too short! May God anoint your music and creativity, may He empower you to prophesy with song breathing life onto dead bones so that other's might live!

Be blessed and continue to be a blessing,


Leah and Marianne recently led the worship service at our weekly Celebrate Recovery meeting. They exceeded all expectations in their sharing of their hearts about their own journeys through words and music. The genuineness of their message touched the lives of everyone there. At the time of their visit there were tornado warnings in our community, but inside they guided us to a peace in the midst of the storm. I hope they will journey our way again."

Lennie Howard
Counselor and Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader
Frazer Memorial UMC
Frazer, AL